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Gujarat Solar Energy Investment Opportunities

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Leave a Comment

Gujarat promises a good market for solar energy companies due to favorable government policies and good solar irradiance levels. The various investment opportunities by solar energy sub-sectors are:

Power Generation:

Grid Interactive power generation with a phase-by-phase approach, which has found its place in state solar policy too


Small-scale solar modules of Solar Thermal and PV devices can be sold at retail outlets with help from GEDA for household, institutions and corporate. The positive aspect of investing in Gujarat is, that people over there are already aware of benefits of solar as the solar thermal water systems and solar cookers have deep penetration in Gujarat. (I have both of them installed at my home too and they are working quite well since past 7 years)


With Tata Nano being manufactured in Gujarat, there are many more manufacturing hubs coming up. The government provides good opportunity for solar cells, modules, arrays for PV system manufacturers to start their production facility in the state.


Gujarat possesses a good pool of engineering students in varied fields from IT, electronics and communications to Instrumentation and Fabrication Control engineering. Thus companies interested in solar R&D can start their knowledge centers in Gujarat for technological development of Solar Energy.

Jai Garvi Gujarat!

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