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Gujarat: A front-runner in adopting renewable energy at state levels

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

Government of Gujarat is already proving itself as a front-runner in renewable energy initiatives. In June 2009, GERC raised tariff for wind power procurement to INR 3.55 per kwh from earlier level of INR 3.37 per kwh which would promote power generation from renewable energy sources.
Apart from this, GERC has also raised the limit of wind and solar power to be purchased by distribution licensees. The purchase limit for power generated from wind energy has been increased to 6 per cent for fiscal 2009-10 and 7 per cent for financial years 2010-11 and 2011-12. Earlier, the limit was 2 per cent for wind power.
As far as solar power is concerned the limit has been fixed at 1.5 per cent for the first two fiscals and 2.5 per cent for the year 2011-12.
In case of other renewable sources the limit is 0.5 per cent for the next three financial years.
I believe that this would help the companies interested in investing in Gujarat to make better decisions. Government of Gujarat is taking major steps in increasing promotion towards development of solar energy generation.


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