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Gujaratis giving preference to Solar power alternatives

Monday, July 6, 2009 Leave a Comment

Many things said and left undone by people living in India regarding the energy issue. I felt that "is the common man doing something about reducing their conventional energy consumption or just blabbering?" I am glad that I came across such an article where our very own Gujaratis are adopting to the solar energy for their daily uses. 
Gujaratis (residents of Gujarat) are using solar water heaters, solar cookers and now even solar panles to light up their houses at night. If this is promoted wisely, then we can have many more followers who would adopt to alternative and green power source.

Some of the most advanced solar appliances are becoming popular among educational institutes and corporate houses in Gujarat to generate thermal and electric energy form solar source. 
Company/ Insitute
Adoption of Green Source
School of Solar Energy, Gandhinagar
Currently undertaken research to reduce unit cost of photovoltaic cells
Solar street lights in Campus
Ganpat Vidhyanagar University
Solar street lights in Campus
Intas Biopharma
Borocell solar heating panel for their kitchen facilities
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Solar powered street lights in AMC gardens

Quoting General Manager (projects- engineering) of Intas Biopharma, Satish Kolte, "Not only is solar energy an environment-friendly option, it also cuts on costs in the long run. We started with this solar prototype two months ago in our kitchen and so far, it has given good results. We will be using solar energy in all our upcoming plants. We believe industries can tap into this freely available large source of energy." 
Satish Deshpande, a solar power expert, has been using solar energy in his home since the last 12 years and now prefers to cook his lunch in his solar concentrator. Deshapande says, "It makes economic sense to embrace it." 
Akshat Khare, a young entrepreneur has started a solar-based lighting system to promote the use of solar energy. "We have installed solar streetlights at IIM-A, SEWA and at other organisations in city," he says. 
The above instances exemplify how Gujaratis are doing something "for the cause" rather than "blame the government" Kudos to those adopting to the solar energy!!!
Visit Geda and you will be surprised to see so many offers and subsidies are being offered by Gujarat government for Solar Energy Promotion and Adoption.

So when are you going green?
Jai Garvi Gujarat!