Happy Sunshine Year

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 Leave a Comment

Hiya Solarites,

I am sorry as wasn't been able to update my blog since so long. It's a kinda "blogger's block". There was so much happening in solar energy space in Gujarat that I was awe-struck with what I can add more. But anyways I have decided that I will be regular this year. 

Also, I am thinking of making this one a more comprehensive and crisp. I would be happy if some of you can give me your suggestions.

It has been one eventful year for solar energy all over the world. With investments in tune of billions happening, technological breakthroughs happening in all solar segments, the levelized cost of electricity coming gradually down, I feel the sector had to more news coming. But "No-Hope-Hangen" Summit brought it down. The world leaders refused to shed down their national interests inspite of the "better" world creation intent of the meet.

In Gujarat too, Mr. Narendra Modi did his part by holding up summit in Kutch. "I am following you Sir with all my focus on the state!!!"

Hope the new year brings better sunshine in all parts of the world!!!


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