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Tale of two cities

Monday, January 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

The concept of twin-cities has been old enough in the history books. New York and New Jersey have been the one of the most popular ones. We already have one as Hyderabad-Secundarabad But soon, it is expected that cities in Gujarat will be developed on the same concept. I particularly liked the concept of having a common transport and energy system for both the cities. For e.g. if the Government is planning a 4 MW plant for Gandhinagar then it can as well built up its' capacity in a range of 10-20 MW to supply the surplus to the nearby sites. Additionally, I am not sure why the Government is not considering the option of concentrated solar power (CSP) instead of photovoltaic (PV). It would not only help them to reduce the cost but also increase the life of the plant.

Also I was happy to see that what I forecasted few days back is coming in the minds of our energy experts. The new report says that the "Solar mission goal may be scaled down 80 percent". It was coming as the current developments have not been moving in tandem with the plans of government, at least at India level. But still one figure I didn't understand. The cost of producing 20,000 MW was estimated to be INR 270,000 crore while the new update is of implementing 4,000 MW at the cost of INR 90,000. It should have been INR 54,000 crore for 4,000 MW or 6666.67 MW for INR 90,000 crore. I know it's a matter of simple math but might be there are some other costs that I am not able to decipher!!!
What say solarities?


  • Anonymous said:  

    Hi Gaurav,

    What abut the cost that you have to pay to the corroupt officers and politicians to get the interconnections and get the payment check when the energy and the capacity is delivired

    Also dont forget the land lease payments ....for PV projects requirment is about 10 Acres/MW

    Love to talk to you more
    Chirag Barot

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