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Another chapter in "increasing investments by raising energy procurement tariffs"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Leave a Comment

In what can be said as a very good turn in the "story of solar energy in Gujarat". The Gujarat Energy Regulatory Commission (GERC) has been doing a good work on bringing in more investments in the sector in Gujarat. (Please don't consider that I am doing promotion of GERC.. J) On January 29, 2010 GERC fixed a tariff of Rs 15 and Rs 11 per unit for power to be purchased from solar photovoltaic generators and solar thermal power producers respectively. This would help the investing companies in getting their "break-even" point earlier than expected. Though I am not sure if the power purchasing agreements are completed with the companies but still it would encourage the companies to invest in the renewable sources of energy in Gujarat.
Today, in favor of the wind companies, GERC has hiked the tariff for procurement of power generated from wind energy sources to Rs 3.56 per unit from earlier 3.37 per unit. The amount may seem miniscule but if you consider the electricity utilization in GWhs then it would be converted in huge sum. As I have been talking about in my previous posts, bring in more incentives to the renewable energy companies and more investments and better energy sustainability will be guaranteed for the country.

Hope someone is listening!!!


  • Anonymous said:  

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    I know what is front cost to make this plan and I have source and we are working on business plan to secure the finance.
    Our goal to invest $300 milion to $350 miliion
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