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Story of determining best solar energy book

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Leave a Comment

Admit it! No one can claim he/ she is a solar energy expert. There are just too many nitty-gritty involved in each technology. First starts with major segmentation: Photovoltaic and concentrated thermal power. And then number of technologies and business issues in each segment. This bring me a question. "What and how much can I understand through general reading?" There is a lot of research being conducted in each area involving terms which one doesn't decipher. So I intend to bring the story to the basics. Please find below few books which you can either buy or search for pdfs online to get a better understanding of solar technology and related issues.


Book Title



Power to Change the World

S.L. Klein

The looming US energy crisis is inextricably intertwined with the country's geopolitical strategy. The coming storm could result in a global economic, political, social, and ecological disaster. This book explores the premise that the complex threat we face can be mitigated by addressing the energy crisis. It describes how we got to this critical point in our history, what has kept us from effective action, and how we can stop funding our enemies, stop polluting our planet, regain our energy independence, and put Western Civilization on a more secure foundation.

The New Solar Home

Dave Bonta, Stephen Snyder

This book illustrates features homes that are groundbreaking not only in their use of renewable energy but also in their commitment to recycling and repurposing materials used in construction and to reducing the impact on the surrounding environment through sensitive building methods. With details on why these homeowners decided to go solar and how having a solar home can save money in the long run, these solar beauties are sure to inspire homeowners to create or remodel their own solar sanctuaries.

The Solar Century

Jeremy Leggett

Clean, silent, renewable and climate-friendly—solar power is the holy grail of energy. And there's no shortage of sunlight out there: enough falls on the surface of the planet each day to power human society many thousands of times over. Edited by a leading solar expert, "The Solar Century" provides a groundbreaking vision of a sun-powered world. It covers everything from how ancient societies viewed the sun through to present-day panels thin enough to be delivered 'by the roll' a showcase of solar applications from the household scale to public architecture.

Solar Revolution

Travis Bradford

In Solar Revolution, fund manager and former corporate buyout specialist Travis Bradford argues—on the basis of standard business and economic forecasting models—that over the next two decades solar energy will increasingly become the best and cheapest choice for most electricity and energy applications. Solar Revolution outlines the path by which the transition to solar technology and sustainable energy practices will occur.

Children of the Sun

Alfred W. Crosby

Alfred W. Crosby explores how humanity's successes have hinged on effective uses of solar energy—from cooking to exploitation of fossil fuels. But dwindling natural resources, global warming, and environmental pollution all testify to the limits of our fossil-fuel civilization. Although we haven't yet adopted a feasible alternative—just look at the embarrassment of "cold fusion" or the 2003 blackout that humbled North America—our ingenuity and adaptability as a species give us hope

Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified

Rex A. Ewing

At some point this century, nearly ALL energy will be coming from renewable sources. Solar and wind energy are likely to be the leaders among the various flavors of ala little something about alternative energy. The author serves up a primer on wind and solar so we'll know how the lights will be kept on a few decades or so from now.

Solar Electricity Handbook 

Michael Boxwell

This is a practical and straightforward guide to using solar-electric panels. Assuming readers have no previous knowledge of solar panels, the book explains how solar panels work, how they can be used, and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a solar electric system from scratch using photovoltaic solar panels. Included are lists of suppliers and on-line solar energy calculators that will simplify the cost analysis and design processes

Got Sun? Go Solar

Rex A. Ewing, Doug Pratt

This book tells grid-connected homeowners how to use free energy from the sun and wind to reduce or even eliminate their electric bills. Explains why alternative energy has come of age, with affordable modern technology, and rebates and incentives from most states. Chapters include: Why invest in alternative energy for your home? How solar electricity really works. Batteries or not? Sizing a system to fit your home and your needs. Permits, paperwork and financing. What to look for, what to avoid

Basics of Energy Efficient Living

Lonnie Wibberding

This book explains the principles behind energy-efficient living, answering questions such as: What is R-value? How much energy could I get from my creek? Can I use alternative energy in the city? How much heat will it take to keep my house warm? How much heat will I lose if I put in a bigger window? Learn what it takes to save energy, then take the next step and collect your own by finding out how much energy you can get from water, sun, wind, and wood. Then apply energy principles to make an energy budget and design your energy projects or house step-by-step.

I hope you can get your hands on atleast one of these books. I have got "Solar Revolution" by Travis Bradford and finding it really beneficial for expanding the knowledge horizon.

Happy Reading!


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