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Story when you thought ‘over-the-top’ to answer energy woes in India!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

Just imagine how many of us have a car at home? What other use can we make of the it other than traveling? Think of any?
Now here's the idea! Start installing the solar modules on car/ bus roof-tops. It won't look that bad for sure! There are roughly 20 million cars in India. If we take a conservative estimate of 20% conversion, it translates to 4 million cars! A nationwide legislation can be brought in for its implementation.
Now here's how it will work! Most of the time the cars/ buses are standing idle in the car shed or in front of office. A solar panel can be assembled with an average cost of INR 70 per watt based on the car roof size. This can also be provided at a subsidized rate. The power generated from these panels can be drawn in the smart grids (which will soon become a reality in India). Each car owner can be given a unique id on which will contain his/ her solar panel information. So whenever, the car owner attached the power cord to the smart grids, his account will get credited with the power his panel produces. As an advanced feature, at certain points a 'grid-charging' point can be placed wherein a motorist can feed in more solar energy in grid when his car is idle.
The car owners can be rebated from their household electricity bills based on the power generated by the panels. Household doesn't have to install a large residential roof-top and still can avail the benefits such as reduced electricity bills and RECs.
Various state-owned and private road transportation agencies can do the same on their buses which run during the day time and the solar power generated can be saved in batteries. These would reduce the power generation burden in various states at night when the power usage is maximum.
Though it's a bit ambitious, a nationwide legislation along with technology interoperability will see this concept through. Any takers of this idea?


  • Anonymous said:  

    It is more suitable in country where there is no space at all.. And when car is in the car park then trees or buildings will shade the panel and then it will be big problem in finding praking with available sun.

    Weight of the solar panel will increse weight of the vehicle which will drink more fuel and more carbon emission.

    And instead of this concept- batter to have that small panel on roof of house.

    Soon u will see hybrid cars which will be powerd by renewable energy at home. Its more benefitial to have small wind turbine at home which gives you 24 hours of power - more suitable in remote area where wind speed is continous.

    Anyway Nice concept but not real..

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