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The story of Investor Conference in Gujarat on Solar Energy

Thursday, January 21, 2010 3 comments

According to gujaratindia.com, an "Investors Conference on Solar Energy" is set to be organized in Gujarat in April 2010 by Clinton Climate Initiative. I am sure it would put up a good platform for companies to showcase their capabilities and address various issues related to implementation of solar energy. Technology providers, Solar Power Project Investors, Bank delegations from America, Spain, Britain and Germany are likely to attend the conference.

The only challenge I feel is that most of the solar energy projects take longer time-horizon from planning to full-throttle running stage. Project management in solar energy would be very critical. I think the most feasible option for the companies could be laying out the entire backbone infrastructure first. This implicitly means that the companies should source in solar panels/ parabolic dishes only at the final stages. This can help them to get the most critical components at the market price prevailing at that moment.

Discussions on solar energy policy, feed-in tariffs and efficient project management should be the priority at the conference.

Looking forward to attending the conference. Any other takers?

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Green Marathon and the story of off-grid solar business

Monday, January 18, 2010 1 comments

This Sunday something called Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon happened. The salient thing is I am sure it has created buzz for SC and it's totally understandable. But the point I am making over here is that if something called this one started in promoting green and clean energy nationwide on the same day; imagine what awareness it could create!!! And the promoters could be any of the solar/ wind/ bio-fuel giants. The money that is collected through participation and sponsorships can be utilized to initiate a renewable energy project in that state. Thus the initial cost of the project can be borne by people who are happy to help a cause.

On the updates in Gujarat Solar Energy, Topsun Energy Ltd has announced that it would be coming up with a 5 MW grid-connected PV system. I am sure that grid-connected PV system would be more beneficial in future. But why aren't many companies coming up with off-grid / roof-top PV systems coming up with an entire area to cover up. Each house can use the energy produced from the PV solar system and the rest can be feed into the main transmission line which can again earn them carbon credits. Though the biggest challenge remains the "Cost" but I think this can be worked out in near future.

I have a business idea which I would be happy to discuss with anyone interested.
(Photo Source: istockphoto)
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Tale of two cities

Monday, January 11, 2010 1 comments

The concept of twin-cities has been old enough in the history books. New York and New Jersey have been the one of the most popular ones. We already have one as Hyderabad-Secundarabad But soon, it is expected that cities in Gujarat will be developed on the same concept. I particularly liked the concept of having a common transport and energy system for both the cities. For e.g. if the Government is planning a 4 MW plant for Gandhinagar then it can as well built up its' capacity in a range of 10-20 MW to supply the surplus to the nearby sites. Additionally, I am not sure why the Government is not considering the option of concentrated solar power (CSP) instead of photovoltaic (PV). It would not only help them to reduce the cost but also increase the life of the plant.

Also I was happy to see that what I forecasted few days back is coming in the minds of our energy experts. The new report says that the "Solar mission goal may be scaled down 80 percent". It was coming as the current developments have not been moving in tandem with the plans of government, at least at India level. But still one figure I didn't understand. The cost of producing 20,000 MW was estimated to be INR 270,000 crore while the new update is of implementing 4,000 MW at the cost of INR 90,000. It should have been INR 54,000 crore for 4,000 MW or 6666.67 MW for INR 90,000 crore. I know it's a matter of simple math but might be there are some other costs that I am not able to decipher!!!
What say solarities?
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Will India achieve its' Solar Energy ambition by 2020?

Thursday, January 7, 2010 0 comments

As a form of New Year's gift, World Bank (ya, the one Bank which can be renamed Afro-Asian Bank) has decided to provide India's solar mission a support of as much as $ 4 million. It will also help in price discovery through auction sites along with technical support wherever needed. One this it is surely going to help is bring in more attention on the solar energy in India.

But as I was glancing through "Ministry of New and Renewable Energy", I was quite surprised. The total Grid-interactive renewable power generated through solar energy is around 6 MW with Off-Grid/Distributed Renewable Power (including Captive/CHP Plants) in around another 2.4 MWp. In the wake of this, the ambitious target of 20,000 MW by 2020 is a bit over ambitious. I hope my inference is wrong or else we would never see huge sunshine power in India.
What is your take on this one?
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Happy Sunshine Year

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 0 comments

Hiya Solarites,

I am sorry as wasn't been able to update my blog since so long. It's a kinda "blogger's block". There was so much happening in solar energy space in Gujarat that I was awe-struck with what I can add more. But anyways I have decided that I will be regular this year. 

Also, I am thinking of making this one a more comprehensive and crisp. I would be happy if some of you can give me your suggestions.

It has been one eventful year for solar energy all over the world. With investments in tune of billions happening, technological breakthroughs happening in all solar segments, the levelized cost of electricity coming gradually down, I feel the sector had to more news coming. But "No-Hope-Hangen" Summit brought it down. The world leaders refused to shed down their national interests inspite of the "better" world creation intent of the meet.

In Gujarat too, Mr. Narendra Modi did his part by holding up summit in Kutch. "I am following you Sir with all my focus on the state!!!"

Hope the new year brings better sunshine in all parts of the world!!!

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