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Learn to make a solar-powered car

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Leave a Comment

I came across a very good video while researching on solar powered cars. This is a video prepared by the Stanford students demonstrating construction of a solar car. If more colleges in India takes up such projects, then we can build dominance in R&D in this area. Though in a nascent stage, solar cars could be they way forward how we drive our way into the future.

Do let me know your comments on the same.


  • RAGINI said:  

    Great post and nice list. this article is very informative. thanks for posting it.

  • andrew_paul111 said:  

    Great Story!


  • punit unisense said:  

    Yes, generally students here in India end up with picking up any ordinary project., Instead they must go for simlar project as this one. Good one, keep bringing such things here. I myself took solar electric fence project.

  • Sky High Energy said:  

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